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It is believed that women who have non-standard sizes resort to custom design. We are all individual - with our own figure, with their own taste, with our own idea of ​​the beautiful. And one of the best opportunities to express yourself through clothes is to tailor it individually. We do not dictate to a woman what she should wear, our task is to allow her to express herself and, together with us, to create that outfit and the image in which she will feel organically.

The great advantage of individual tailoring is the fact that the client is being involved in the process of creating her or his outfit from the beginning . During the fitting, we make adjustments to the proportions of the body, we specify details and finishes. Our task is not just to create beautiful clothes, but also comfortable, convenient and compliant with the nature and shape of it's owner.

Custom Designs

We will make sure that dream comes true.


You can trust us your favorite and unique items to make any alterations.


We will make sure that dream comes true and you 

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