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As a fashion designer, I will be available to Present to the bride a couture package that includes

 making sketches, and some fabric swatches, as she has Imaginate with her style and budget.
A couture dress is custom-made 100 percent from scratch—a custom design, with the bride's expectations executed with the bride's measurements with the finest materials specifically sourced and cut for the bride's gown.
De proses with a couture gown or special occasion dress after having selected the design

I will measure you on the order day according to the design, I will make two fittings plus a final fitting.
At the first fitting, we will see how the design fits you, and we can make your size more exactly to your expectations, the most important is to keep in mind how your body can change on those special days (MPs). At the second fitting, you can see more about how the design looks and how are in your body.
The according with each design will need a third fitting, to be sure all details are correct as your design. At the final fitting, the gown will be ready, if any small detail needs to be corrected, we do it, to have you happy with your Wedding Gown, because if the bride is happy, she makes us incredibly happy.

Bride and Groom Walking Away
Bride & Groom
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