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Consuelo Celemin is creating images of a modern stylish classy woman. Underlining the world trends of fashion, she introduces her unique approach and experience in every creation. Woman as a canvas, and Consuelo, like an artist, complements the "canvas" with harmonious colors, literally weaving fashion into her client's appearance.


An elegant dress always emphasizes a woman's beauty. Dress from Consuelo Celemin emphasizes a woman's personality.

After the bride has the vision of the wedding gown of her dreams, Consuelo takes her design, fabric selections, and measurements to start to have the

gown ready for the first fitting.

On a fitting day, the bride can make any changes according to her wishes,  

with the design, she chooses before the second fitting.

After the second fitting with the size and all details decisions,

the gown will be ready to be worn on the wedding day.

The design studio of Consuelo Celemin is becoming more popular each year.


 The success of Consuelo is solid professional experience.

Only personal approach to customers! considering the smallest nuances.

Each dress is the embodiment of a unique style and fashion trend.

Consuelo Celemin





"Consuelo is a dream! She is the best dress maker I have ever worked with. She also made dresses for my mom and grandmother for my sisters wedding. I cant tell you how wonderful she is to work with and how impeccable the detail is. I will never go to someone else again. She is my lifelong seamstress/tailor! Do yourself a favor and go see her, you wont regret it!"
- Dani B.
"Best seamstress in Miami! Prices are great and she truly understands your vision. She has a great technique and is extremely sweet!"
- Mari T.
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